Services include homemaker personal care services such as: assisting with
personal hygiene, dishes, laundry, meal preparation, shopping, community
activities, household chores, social and recreational activities and informal

Buckeye Community Services remains committed to excellence in service and
maintaining the reputation for providing quality services to individuals.  Over the
years we have supported and will continue supporting individuals in many
different settings:

>>>Group Homes (Intermediate Care Facilities for People who have Mental    
Retardation -- (ICF's/MR)

>>>Other Community Placements (I.O. Waiver, Supported Living, Level 1 Waiver
and Foster Care)

>>>Individuals who live with families, in their own homes and/or rented   
apartments with up to 2-3 housemates.

>>>Foster Care Network

These services can range from 24 hours a day to drop-in services of a few hours
a week, depending upon the needs of the individual.

Buckeye Community Services provides training for all staff persons.  All new
employees receive five initial full days of training within the first three months of
employment.  Individual training is done prior to working with clients.  Training is
done annually thereafter to keep up with required Ohio Department of
Developmental Disabilities regulations.

Training includes:  

1.  Resident Skills
2.  Compliance
3.  Teaching Techniques and Normalization
4.  Dealing with People in Crisis and Supporting Behavior
5.  First Aid and CPR

Goals and Future Life

>>>>Continue to provide and maintain the best services possible for the people
we serve.

>>>>To explore, develop and obtain other funding streams, fund raising, grants    
and a volunteer program.

>>>>To determine the needs, train staff, develop client-centered residential
programs and secure funding for persons with needs such as autism and/or
other under served populations of persons with developmental disabilities.